About me

Hi! I’m Cecilia Minano, MD, MPH

Physician, Life Coach, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Trauma Survivor, Primary Breadwinner, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

After years of living with the idea that life was happening to me, I finally reached an all time low during the Covid pandemic. As the sole breadwinner of my household and an overworked physician, I felt unappreciated, trapped in a cloud of unhappy emotions of dread, frustration, anxiety and stress. Coupled with this was my own inner critical voice echoing feelings of self-doubt, negative self-worth and anger from difficult lived life experiences. I was burned out but did not have the language or skill set to find a way out. 

Coaching changed everything and helped empower me. I learned that although so much seemed out of my control, I did have so much control, choice and freedom.  I learned to trust myself and to tap into what I needed which included more pausing, somatic work, creating boundaries, space and safety. I learned to listen to my heart, mind and body, leaned into processing my emotions, and grew my own self-compassion.

I created my own resiliency toolkit which allowed me to integrate both work and life better and helped me regain my purpose and life back. Life is definitely not perfect, but it was never meant to be. I am more equipped now to handle the ups and down of life and not only weather the storm, but thrive and succeed.

I now show up with more compassion, purpose, confidence, focus, energy and fortitude in my everyday interactions. I choose my priorities and have gained much needed time freedom. On the home front, I can now relax more, be more conscientious and present with my husband and kids. By changing myself, there has been tremendous positive ripple effects in my home, work and social environment. 

Why am I the perfect coach to help you? I am your both your ally and coach to help you create new neural pathways and life-long skills that will help you succeed well into the future. I know that to truly heal requires both a top down (mind) and bottom up (somatic AKA body) approach to strengthen the mind-body connection. I have had my own personal trauma history, burnout story and personal medical set backs, and yet have found my own healing using these same essential methods.

I promise to walk beside you down your own healing pathway with patience, empathy and compassion, while also empowering you and helping you formulate what your resiliency toolkit looks like. Let me help you transform and re-claim your life. My additional trainings include:

  • trauma-informed care,
  • thought work,
  • overcoming shame,
  • learning self-compassion,
  • pain-reprocessing therapy,
  • somatic tracking
  • embodiment, 
  • and mindfulness. 

Are you ready to get started?

If you're tired of dealing with chronic debilitating gut symptoms, or living the same cycle of burnout, and are ready to finally reclaim your confidence and joy, please book an initial consultation. We'll discuss your needs, where you want to be and determine whether coaching is a good fit for both of us.