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 I am Dr. Cecilia Minano, a board-certified gastroenterologist with over 15 years of clinical experience, certified hypnotherapist and certified trauma-informed life coach. From outward appearances, I seemed to have it all: an Ivy League medical education, a thriving clinical practice, successful marriage with three beautiful kids; however, I was extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. The Covid pandemic exacerbated my negative feelings. I did not know the terminology, but I was burned out after many years of medical training and prolonged self-sacrifice. Life coaching transformed my life by allowing me space to:

  • expand my perspective,
  • create more boundaries for work-life integration,
  • adopt more self-care and
  • learn to live again with purpose, intention and joy.

After deep diving into life coaching, I realized that these same life skill tools could help so many people suffering from chronic gut issues.

I took additional trainings in trauma-informed care, somatic and embodiment (body-based) practices, hypnosis, pain reprocessing and mindfullness to create a unique mind body coaching practice that helps you finally heal from your chronic gut issues.  

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Here's what my clients are saying...

"It was hard to say goodbye; I wanted to stay in our session for longer. In one session, Cecilia gave me the clarity and tools to turn what was jumbled in my mind into a clear calming confidence building thought. It will all be okay! Cecilia is extremely personable and easy to trust but gives you the straight talk you need without judgment."

- AG

"Cecilia really helped me dive into the source of my pain by looking at beliefs systems that I had that were not helpful in my life. She showed me how I was closing myself off from opportunities that I never had considered because of the way I was thinking... This really helped me see how much more control I have over my emotional states, and by taking responsibility for my emotional life, I could then begin to really make progress. At the end of the session, I felt more empowered to take deliberate and intentional actions in order to achieve the goals I had for myself."

- SM

"Cecilia is effective in getting you moving forward proactively by identifying your issues, your goals and everything in between. Then she helps you to devise a plan to reach your goals in a realistic way. She does not waste time! In a judgment free zone I felt free to unload and let someone else give me advice on how to get out of a hole.

- EC

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