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I am Dr. Cecilia Minano, a gastroenterologist and certified trauma-informed life coach. From outward appearances, I seemed to have it all: an Ivy League medical education, a thriving clinical practice, successful marriage with three beautiful kids; however, I was extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. I did not know the terminology, but I was burned out after many years of medical training and prolonged self-sacrifice.

I had been living on auto-pilot, saying yes to outside influences, work obligations, not setting appropriate boundaries for myself, not implementing any self-care habits in my life and attempting to live up to unrealistic expectations. And guess what? When I wasn’t perfect, I continually beat myself up with negative self-talk. It took a pandemic to realize I was overworked, resentful, anxious, self-critical and frustrated with everyone and everything.

I gave so much of myself to others - including my career - that I had nothing left for myself or my loved ones. I believed to be successful I had to do more, be more productive and continue to self-sacrifice.

The culture of medicine and our societal pressures only added more fuel to that fiery belief, as it rewards overworking and putting everyone else first. Coupled with my own unconscious default negative thoughts, perfectionistic characteristics and my lived experience as a minority woman with a trauma history, I believed I was internally flawed and was not living up to everyone's expectations.

Through extensive coaching, I began to uncover my well-rehearsed negative thinking, found my true inner voice and listened to what my heart desired. I finally learned to set boundaries and prioritize myself. I began to open up my perspective and question if my own deep seeded beliefs were true. I became aware that my thoughts drive everything and I was seeing everything through a negative lens. Now despite the daily chaos and unpredictability of life going on around me, I have found a way to stay grounded and lean into my resiliency toolbox that empowers me to thrive in this world. 

Is my life perfect? Absolutely not, but I have been completely transformed for the better, and it has had ripple effects on those surrounding me. I have more daily joy in my life, am more intentionally present with my kids and spouse, show up less frustrated, have gained more time freedom from work and overall have better work-life integration. I have built up my resiliency toolkit and now choose how to live my one precious life purposefully.

If I can change my life, so can you.

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Ways to Work With Me:

Mind-Body Resiliency Coaching

It's time to stop the cycle of stress and overwhelm regarding your chronic gastrointestinal symptoms to begin to live with more confidence, freedom and joy.

As a Mind-Body Resiliency Coach, I'll teach you:

  • how chronic stress and trauma are exacerbating your gut symptoms,
  • how to regulate your nervous system through thought work, somatic and grounding exercises,
  • how to overcome limiting beliefs and open up your perspective, freeing your mind up from so much negative chatter,
  • how to empower yourself and create your resiliency toolkit so you can thrive as you approach each day,
  • and how to adopt more self-care for improved overall wellness.

Professional Burnout Coaching

Are you ready to take back control of your one precious life again? Are you ready to create exponential and meaningful personal and professional growth.

As your Professional Burnout Coach, I'll teach you:

  • how to pause and create calmness for yourself even despite a stressful day,
  • how to regulate your nervous system through thought work, somatic and grounding exercises,
  • how to manage your time,
  • how to set appropriate boundaries which align with your short and long-term visions,
  • how to create and commit to personal and professional priorities and goals for yourself,
  • and how to implement more self-care to optimize your wellness.

Here's what my clients are saying...

"It was hard to say goodbye; I wanted to stay in our session for longer. In one session, Cecilia gave me the clarity and tools to turn what was jumbled in my mind into a clear calming confidence building thought. It will all be okay! Cecilia is extremely personable and easy to trust but gives you the straight talk you need without judgment."

- AG

"Cecilia really helped me dive into the source of my pain by looking at beliefs systems that I had that were not helpful in my life. She showed me how I was closing myself off from opportunities that I never had considered because of the way I was thinking... This really helped me see how much more control I have over my emotional states, and by taking responsibility for my emotional life, I could then begin to really make progress. At the end of the session, I felt more empowered to take deliberate and intentional actions in order to achieve the goals I had for myself."

- SM

"Cecilia is effective in getting you moving forward proactively by identifying your issues, your goals and everything in between. Then she helps you to devise a plan to reach your goals in a realistic way. She does not waste time! In a judgment free zone I felt free to unload and let someone else give me advice on how to get out of a hole.

- EC

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