The Gut Healing Solution Membership

Are you ready to: 

  • Feel normal again and be living your best life.
  • Not be defined by your gastrointestinal condition(s) or symptom(s).
  • Stop the cycle of stress and overwhelm quickly so you remain in control of your gut symptoms
  • Enjoy going out again and have less worry about what you will eat or where the nearest bathroom is.
  • Fast-track your healing under expert guidance and peer support

In The Gut Healing Solution Membership, you will learn:

  • How to rewire your brain from negative default beliefs toward empowering thoughts that help fuel your gut healing journey.
  • How to process your feelings, emotions and sensations that come up for you on a daily basis and then help shift your nervous system state.
  • How to create boundaries that keep you in a calm state for mind and gut optimization, rest and repair.
  • How planning ahead can help you achieve overall wellness, as well as fitness and health goals.
  • How to optimize your eating so that you remain in control of your gastrointestinal symptoms and stay focused on your health priorities.
  • How to adopt self-care practices which are critical to releasing stored stress and trauma in the body.

“As someone who has suffered with IBS, GERD, and gastritis for over a decade, I struggled for a long time to manage my symptoms.  While some medications and other treatments helped, I would still feel very anxious when experiencing a “flare up”, and that would exacerbate my symptoms. Dr. Cecilia Minano’s supportive and compassionate coaching helped me to recognize that I had the power to support myself, and handle my discomfort much more effectively.  By learning to be self-compassionate, using different tools to regulate my nervous system, and practicing empowering thoughts when I felt uncertain, I have been able to navigate my symptoms with much less anxiety.  I’m so pleased that she is sharing these tools with others that have digestive challenges and helping improve the quality of life for her clients.”

- K.F

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