Acceptance of Life

balance feelings

As many of us know, life has its emotional highs and tumultuous downs, but the power is in sometimes just accepting what is. The fact is simply that we have little control over most of life, but we waste so much precious energy wishing it would be different. We wish our kids and spouses would just listen. We wish the weather could be better, that there would be no delays at the airport, that Covid would just be gone already, etc. You get the point. We stay stuck in overwhelm, frustration and disappointment and we can’t seem to break free from it. 

But the truth is, by just accepting the situation and processing your feelings, you can gain clarity and refocus. Your thinking brain will be in control and that will help guide you to decisions that are more intentional and aligned with your values. You will soon realize the situation or experience that looked so bleak won’t have changed, but you will gained more awareness, self-compassion and ultimately have been positively transformed. This is the essence of life coaching.

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