Feeling the feelings

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Recently I faced a difficult work experience where my language and intention were misinterpreted and exploded in my face. I leaned into all my feelings of anger, frustration, distrust, negativism and allowed all of them. They came over me like a large tidal wave, trying to knock me out. Although I fell down a few times and began to catastrophize, I realized the waves were getting less powerful and more importantly, I didn’t die. I had caught myself during the downward spiral of powerful waves and leaned into my breaths and felt what my heart was telling me. As the emotional waves became smaller, I was able to gain clarity and became more curious with all my emotions. I explored what the message was that I was supposed to learn from this experience. 

I have learned that avoiding emotions and festering in frustration and judgment of myself and others will get me no where fast. In the past, I would have remained stuck and ruminating for hours on what happened, why and how others should behave. But the truth is, I simply cannot control others, how they behave or act. We are all imperfect humans living an imperfect human experience. All I can do is accept where I am at, feel my feelings and then purposefully choose how I will react. Am I perfect? Heck no, but I am loving the transformation and embracing all of life's journey. And just like in the tidal wave experience, I will keep getting up knowing that I am in full control of my life. 

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