Parenting the strong willed child

feelings home life modeling for kids relationships Dec 27, 2021

Do you have a strong-willed child? Well I definitely understand the emotional highs and lows of parenting this type of little person. What I have learned through my coaching is that children model after our behaviors. As I have learned to process all my feelings including sadness, frustration, anger, I have shown up as a better parent. I have learned to accept my humanness and provide myself self-love and self-compassion during these perceived crises. I have learned to choose thoughts that will serve me to parent my kids. Then I can then show up to them with full openness and curiosity about what is going on for them. We sit together and process their feelings no matter how ugly and messy they can seem. It can be exhausting and time consuming at times, but my job is to parent them and teach them these necessary life skills. Life is a journey and we must learn to navigate all the highs and lows that comes with it. 

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