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Life is full of ebbs and flow such as the ocean tides. We can use that analogy to our advantage when dealing with medical symptoms especially chronic pain. Just as there can be an area of discomfort, there can also be an area that feels good or even neutral in another part of your body. All these areas are part of you and it's ok and it doesn't mean you are not whole. When you are ready, try and touch the edge of the area of pain and describe it with lightness and curiosity. Stay there for as long as is comfortable for you even if it is a few seconds.Then pendulate out of that sensation to a more neutral area of the body and sit with that sensation and again describe it. Go back and forth a few times. Over time, you may find that you can increase your window of capacity to be the area of discomfort and that the sensations may change over time. Be patient with yourself as you do this as you are creating new neural pathways of safety and security for your brain. This is part of the journey of breaking free from chronic pain.

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