Reframing Judgment

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Many of my clients have so many negative beliefs about what their bodies should be doing. Some even think their bodies are working against them. The beliefs can be deeply seeded and can even propagate even more negative thoughts like they are internally and externally flawed, that somehow they caused these symptoms or conditions. This negative cycle then inadvertently creates more fear, shame, guilt and amplifies an already primed fight or flight stress response in your body.

Since there is a strong mind-body connection, these negative beliefs keep you stuck in seeing the world through a negative lens which can then further aggravate any perceived symptoms. What if you could learn to just allow the judgment and notice it with a curious mindset. Do this practice when you have a few minutes and are noticing any negative sensations. Ask yourself, “What is coming up for me?” What am I believing? How can the opposite be true? What do I really need in this moment?” As you begin to practice this exploration with yourself, you may notice that judgment loses its control over you. You begin to re-engage the parasympathetic nervous system and can then re-frame your thinking into more empowering, and compassionate thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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